The Beginning

The Beginning

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day in Chicago

As postulants we often make trips outside of Milwaukee for different events or classes. Today we traveled to Chicago for a class with a Capuchin professor at CTU (Catholic Theological Union). The topic was the history and theology behind the Liturgy of the Hours which is the daily prayers of the Church that all priests and religious, and even some lay people, pray each day. It was a highly informative class. And we learned that we can thank St. Francis for the use of the liturgy of the hours we have today. At his time the Roman Curia was getting to busy to pray as often as they used to and so they shortened the prayers required to be said. But it was only the Roman Curia that could do so. So because St. Francis was forming a community which went out to the people and were often traveling, they picked up on this form of the liturgy of the hours. Because they went out all over Italy that form of prayer spread. And now we have the liturgy of the hours we have. This is an abbreviated version of the story of course.

After the class we went around and saw a couple parishes run by the Capuchins in Chicago. And then we made our way to St. Clare of Assisi Friary where dinner was awaiting us. St. Clares is the post novitiate house where all the guys in their temporary vows live as they go to school. Some go to CTU, other Loyola, others Xavier, and I believe one goes to Depaul. It was great being able to visit with everyone. We sat around the tables enjoying the meal and each others company. And after dinner we moved to the living room area and continued our various conversations. There are two things you can always count on when you are at a Capuchin friary. Good food and good company and with that a lot of laughs. I am truly blessed to be a part of such a community.

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